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Do you have a minimum quantity on custom cover orders?

We do not have a minimum. Only need 1 cover? We can do that. Need to order 120 covers, we can do that too.

What kind of fabric will my cover be made of?

We offer multiple fabric options. When you request for a custom quote, we will send our current options to you. If you need more details, please email [email protected]

Are your covers waterproof?

Our custom covers covers are not waterproof since we do not tape the seams, they are water resistant and water repellant.

Can I keep my cushions on my furniture?

We recommend removing your cushions while using our covers as well as following your furniture manufacturer’s care instructions.  For those customers who choose to protect their furniture with the cushions on, it is important to note that our covers...

Where are the covers made?

Depending on the cover and quantity we make them in one of two locations: California or Mexico.

How do I clean my covers?

The best way to clean our covers is with a soft scrub brush and warm water.  We do not recommend washing our covers in a washing machine as the machine agitation may cause the cover or seams to rip and/or tear.  Air dry only. We do not recommend...

How long does it take to receive my order?

Generally manufacturing generally takes 4-6 weeks, plus standard UPS ground shipping.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes, only to Canada currently.

What if my order is lost by your shipping carrier?

If our shipping carrier loses your order, we will open an investigation on that package. If the package is not located, we will remake your cover with priority.

Where are you located?

Office: 26600 72nd Ave S, Suite 101 Kent, WA 98032 Local Phone: 253-395-3900 Toll Free: 1-800-854-2315 Email:[email protected]

What will be the actual size of my cover?

All our finished covers are made with a tolerance of up to 2” on the width and length of the specified order size and 1-2” less on the specified height.

What is the warranty on my custom cover?

All custom covers come with a 1-year warranty. Please note: Due to fabric type and/or properties and product features changing over time, Classic Accessories/Duck Covers does not guarantee that warranty replacements will match the fabric type/properties...

How long is my quote honored for?

90 days from the issue date.

What if my cover does not fit?

If the cover does not fit due to errors related to customer provided information/measurements or inaccurate design interpretation, the remake will be at the full cost of the original cover. If Classic Accessories/Duck Covers deem a custom product does...

Can I cancel my order?

If your order has not been submitted to the factory, you cancel your order and receive a full refund. If your order is in production or has already been produced, reimbursement is limited to 50% if the original payment.

How much does a custom cover cost?

Price vary depending on the size, shape, fabric and features of the cover. Our prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

What is required to order a custom cover?

We require the following information to create a custom cover: A completed PDF and or detailed measurements of the item A photo of the item Acknowledgement of our Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Custom Products

How do I reorder a custom cover?

To reorder a custom cover, we require the following information: A completed PDF and or detailed measurements of the item A photo of the item Acknowledgement of our Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Custom Products Please note: Due to fabric...

Do you make custom covers?

Yes, we certainly do. We specialize in making custom covers in various sizes and shapes to protect items such as outdoor furniture, fire pits, kitchen islands, BBQ built-ins, factory machinery, small equipment and more. To get started, visit our website...

How do I measure?

Please only provide the measurements of your actual furniture. All of our covers come with a standard 2” tolerance on the width and length dimensions for a comfort fit. Please note we remove 1”-2” on the height. If a customer prefers no added tolerances...